Stephanson Family 2014

President of Aldebaran Coaching and Consulting

Sherri Stephanson, President of Aldebaran Coaching and Consulting, provides customized workplace coaching and consulting.  She specializes in executive and leadership coaching to motivate clients and organizations to reach their full potential, one conversation at a time. Along with personal coaching, coach training for teams of leaders using Expedition Coaching™, is also available.  A culture that values the use of a ‘coach-approach’ will support all employees to realize their full potential and attain professional and organizational goals.

Sherri also provides consultation services in the area of human resources.  Her areas of passion include leadership development, mentorship, coaching, facilitation of training and development, staff induction and supervision.  Sherri’s facilitation skills demonstrate a strong knowledge and understanding of effective staff development and adult learning practices. She has demonstrated successful leadership in building cohesive and collaborative team cultures including mutually beneficial labour management strategies. Aldebaran also emphasizes building and enhancing organizational culture including team development, conflict management training, making the most of meetings and value-added dialogue amongst team members.

Sherri exemplifies a confident attitude and energetic approach to lead a creative coaching and consulting business.  Clients will feel supported and motivated to meet their professional and organizational goals.  Sherri’s years in pre K-12 education included roles as a teacher, vice-principal and principal, followed by a decade as a senior administrator in a school division that supported and promoted coaching. Since leaving education, she is a member of the International Coaching Federation and is an Associate Certified Coach.  Sherri’s values of integrity, dependability, determination, and openness are exemplified in her work.


Sherri’s résumé:Sherri Stephanson Resume 2015


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