Change Your Thoughts to Create the Life You Desire in 2015


Hard to believe it is 2015! After the ‘busy’ness of the holiday season, every time I log onto my computer or open the newspaper, I see article after article about setting New Year’s resolutions. I know from experience that resolutions are just plain hard to keep, and often times I am sabotaged by negatives, thinking that I could not have accomplished that goal anyway.

Over the last year, I was determined to establish a website for Aldebaran Coaching and Consulting. I regularly thought about my son crafting the site for me because there was no way I could do that. Then my partner suggested that I try to do it and my son provided support for the idea. One weekend, I got into WordPress and started to construct Check it out!  I never thought about myself as having many technological skills, and I proved myself wrong. I can’t do everything on a computer, but I now think of myself as having a good amount of technological proficiency.

Research has shown us that our thoughts and feelings greatly influence our actions. Our brains have the propensity to hang onto negative thoughts. This year I am going to resist that propensity and think of myself as a successful ‘Executive and Leadership Coach’. I still fall back on thinking that I am just a retired educator pursuing a dream late in life; I can’t possibly be a successful small business owner with a credential in coaching. See, I am doing it again.

So, here is my simple plan.

  • When I catch myself in thoughts that support my positive belief about my business, I am going to savour those moments so that the positive thinking embeds itself in my brain.
  • On a daily basis, I am going to look for the successful actions I have accomplished that support my business and again, celebrate those small deeds.
  • When I do think negatively, the question I will ask myself is “Who would I be without that thought?”

My goal is to be the best coach I can be and I know that by thinking of myself as a successful Executive and Leadership Coach, I am creating the life I want to have. Happy 2015! How will you think about the life you want to create for yourself?