The greatest testament to Sherri’s skills and abilities is by “taking the word” of her clients. Here are a few examples of her success helping people and organizations find inspiration.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

“With Sherri as my executive coach, I have learned a number of approaches to leading not only my team, but leading others in the organization. Sherri helped me to see my strengths and how to use these to advance the outcomes of the organization. Sherri helped me to clarify my thinking and my planning in my role. I feel I am a better leader due to my work with Sherri. I would highly recommend Sherri to other executives.” 

Senior School Division Leader

“The executive coaching program with Sherri was able to assist me in evaluating my leadership strengths and growth areas.   We were then able to delve into the tough questions that I was not always willing to ask myself about my leadership.  Sherri’s resourcefulness to meet my needs and provide materials to build a shared pool of knowledge between us truly took my understanding of my leadership strengths and growth areas to another level.  Being a reflective individual is one thing, but being able to have professional conversations about those reflections with a highly skilled individual like Sherri is another.  Sherri’s ability to ask the right question at the right time pushes you in a way that is not threatening but is improvement-focused and, most importantly, does not jeopardize your personal standards or values.”

Senior School Division Leader 

“Sherri is an encouraging and supportive coach – emphasizing and leveraging strengths to support forward momentum.  Sherri is attentive to the needs and style of her ‘Coachee,’ offering personal insight and stories to support learning and connections.  Sherri’s approach offers opportunity for perspective and growth, creating an open and trusting environment.  I would definitely recommend Sherri to others that are looking for a supportive thinking partner.”

Senior Human Resources Consultant 

“You helped me to recognize my strengths in a practical sense – pointing out places that they were showing up that I hadn’t acknowledged before.  Through our work together, I was able to sort out some of the challenges that I have been struggling with.  I appreciated your willingness to acknowledge the complexity of these challenges, your empathetic approach, and your openness to helping me discover new ways to find and feel a sense of control in my life.”

Senior Human Resources Consultant 



Facilitation was well-paced – awareness of audience needs, too.  Important concepts and ideas packaged without unnecessary non-important pieces.  Facilitator is knowledgeable in topic and facilitation skills.  Great balance of presentation and participation.  Some new ideas and some review of existing ideas met needs.  Motivational for continued movement towards development of skills for coaching.”

                                                                                    School Division Superintendent

“You have done a fantastic job at providing an authentic opportunity to learn about a coaching and mentoring model.  You took our examples and helped us grow, you stretched our understanding and I am confident that this will have a huge impact on our team. I would highly recommend the program and our talented facilitator.  The best was developing a common language.”

School Division Director

 “I would like to give a huge thank you to Sherri for this opportunity to delve into the world of coaching! This program was delivered at a great pace, with honest conversation, time to practice the model, time for personal reflection; lots of dialogue and understanding along with many laughs. I left the two day training feeling confident in taking on the role of coach and supporting the development of my teaching staff moving forward. Thank you, Sherri!”

School Division Director

Sherri has experience working with:

  • Executive Leaders in a variety of sectors
  • Graduate Students
  • First Nations Organizations
  • Leaders in Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • School Division Senior Leaders