Aldebaran Coaching and Consulting has experience working with:

Executive Leaders in a variety of sectors

Graduate Students

First Nations Organizations

Leaders in Not for Profit Organizations

School Division Senior Leaders

Testimonials On Executive and Leadership Coaching

Senior School Division Leader

“With Sherri as my executive coach, I have learned a number of approaches to leading not only my team, but leading others in the organization. Sherri helped me to see my strengths and how to use these to advance the outcomes of the organization. Sherri helped me to clarify my thinking and my planning in my role. I feel I am a better leader due to my work with Sherri. I would highly recommend Sherri to other executives.” 

Senior School Division Leader 

“The executive coaching program with Sherri was able to assist me in evaluating my leadership strengths and growth areas.   We were then able to delve into the tough questions that I was not always willing to ask myself about my leadership.  Sherri’s resourcefulness to meet my needs and provide materials to build a shared pool of knowledge between us truly took my understanding of my leadership strengths and growth areas to another level.  Being a reflective individual is one thing, but being able to have professional conversations about those reflections with a highly skilled individual like Sherri is another.  Sherri’s ability to ask the right question at the right time pushes you in a way that is not threatening but is improvement focused and, most importantly, does not jeopardize your personal standards or values.”

Senior Human Resources Consultant 

“Sherri is an encouraging and supportive coach – emphasizing and leveraging strengths to support forward momentum.  Sherri is attentive to the needs and style of her Coachee, offering personal insight and stories to support learning and connections.  Sherri’s approach offers opportunity for perspective and growth, creating an open and trusting environment.  I would definitely recommend Sherri to others that are looking for a supportive thinking partner.”  

“You helped me to recognize my strengths in a practical sense – pointing out places that they were showing up that I hadn’t acknowledged before.   Through our work together, I was able to sort out some of the challenges that I have been struggling with.  I appreciated your willingness to acknowledge the complexity of these challenges, your empathetic approach, and your openness to helping me discover new ways to find and feel a sense of control in my life.”

Non-Profit Director 

Working with Sherri as my Executive Coach, it has been amazing of the refreshing new perspective that she has brought to my life. Sherri’s approachable demeanor and questioning skills has allowed me to see issues from new vantage points. Together, we have focused on a goal that is improving all facets of my life. She truly is a stellar guide on my coaching journey.

When I really looked closely at my life, I realized a disconnect between my internal values, hopes and beliefs, and the decisions I was making at the time. One key insight I have discovered was the power that comes from aligning these parts of ones life- and that they are all interconnected. In addition, in all the different personality tests I have done, a common theme represented in all of them is that I am a ‘connector’, and that connection is very important to me. I had never recognized that in myself before my coaching sessions. Sherri has been important in making me consciously celebrate my strengths, which has brought an important balance into my life. Also, this may sound cliché but I have learnt the ‘power of positive thinking’- specifically making the ‘shift’ from a judger mindset to a learner one.

Testimonial on Human Resource Consulting – CEO Performance Review 

Treaty 4 Education Alliance 

“Sherri provided an excellent process to carry out my performance evaluation. In preparatory meetings, Sherri worked with key staff, including myself, to understand the organization and utilized a questioning style that helped us frame the critical information she required to develop the evaluation.

We are a small organization, with diverse staff. Sherri has a wonderful approach and manner that puts people at ease. Staff responded with openness to the evaluation questions, because they tend to be open and interested in sharing but, I believe this was made deeper because of Sherri’s manner and approach. She utilized an excellent questioning method that revealed areas that may not have otherwise been discovered as successes, as well as areas for growth.

Staff remarked that it was a good process, and they enjoyed the phone interview, even though it was quite lengthy.

The Board responded very well, and have a greater understanding of the role of their ED; for the first time they were drawn into the process and engaged in a meaningful discussion about my role. This is something we can build upon in many ways.” 

Feedback on Expedition Coaching™ Facilitation

School Division Superintendent 

“Facilitation was well-paced – awareness of audience needs, too.  Important concepts and ideas packaged without unnecessary non-important pieces.  Facilitator is knowledgeable in topic and facilitation skills.  Great balance of presentation and participation.  Some new ideas and some review of existing ideas met needs.  Motivational for continued movement towards development of skills for coaching.”

School Division Director 

You have done a fantastic job at providing an authentic opportunity to learn about a coaching and mentoring model.  You took our examples and helped us grow, you stretched our understanding and I am confident that this will have a huge impact on our team. I would highly recommend the program and our talented facilitator.  The best was developing a common language.”

School Administrators 

“I like how the DIRECT Feedback model and GUIDE model aligned. It made sense.  I enjoyed Sherri’s practical examples and ease at answering any questions.  The GUIDE coaching model is integral to building positive workplace relationships.  It created a deeper awareness of myself as a leader.”

“Enjoyed and valued the practice pieces and small group conversations.”

“Facilitator did a great job of drawing out responses in a respectful way.  Had practical experiences of her own to draw on.”

“Thank you for two great days.  The pace was well set.  Enough time was given for all topics and activities.  You consistently modelled coaching.  You have a very respectful approach which builds trust quickly.”

“The questioning/coaching suggestions are very practical and useful.  I will use it to empower others.”

“Thank you for your enthusiasm and professionalism.  Your education background was valuable.  I appreciated your willingness to give examples and share your experiences. A job well done.”

“You were aware of where our group conversations were going and you allowed us the opportunity to discuss.”

“I found the Coaching Model a useful tool to use in the workplace and at home.  It’s a productive, positive, focussed way to have a conversation.”

“It has challenged my thinking and it has given me tools I will use in the future.”

“It made me more aware of my role as a coach within our organization and gave me tools to help facilitate coaching within our organization”


 “The balance of information, practice and discussion was excellent.  It provided an engaging practical experience.  I would definitely encourage someone to take the course.”

“I feel as though the program has aided my development in regards to classroom management and interaction with students in the teaching and learning process.”


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